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2000ad cover Halo as you know by now was originally published in 2000ad over the space of 37 episodes between 1984-1986, shortly after this it was gathered into three seperate volumes.

You may occasionally find these original editions , if you are looking to purchase them your best bet is a internet auction site.

Book I, 10 episodes, progs 376-385 (July to Sept. 1984)
Book II, 10 episodes plus prologue, progs 405-415 (Feb. to Apr. 1985)
Book III, 15 episodes plus prologue, progs 451-466 (Jan. to Apr. 1986)

The first collected edition was published in September 1991, with a reprint of this some ten years later in July 2001.

A deluxe hardback volume was published in November 2003.

Both the 2001 reprint and 2003 deluxe hardback editions are still available to purchase, click the following links for more information.

2001 reprint at Amazon.co.uk | 2003 Deluxe edition at Amazon.co.uk

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